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Sikh Wedding in Mexico
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Sikh Destination Wedding in Mexico

Canadian, American and UK Sikhs love travelling to the Riviera Cancun, Mexico region to celebrate their Sikh Destination Wedding Mexico ceremony. There is nothing more fulfilling then travelling to the tropics in the middle of the cold winter with your family, friends, nearests, and dearests.  You can be selective when inviting your guests to a destination, choosing people that you ‘know’, instead of having hundreds of unknown uncles and aunties at your event. We know that everyone in the extended family will not be on board, and they may question your intentions.  Rest assured, you can, and will have a respectful Sikh Wedding in Mexico if you choose us to be your entrusted Sikh Wedding Priest Mexico officiants.

For the past two decades, we have conducted hundreds of weddings at Sikh Gurdwaras, homes, and wedding destinations worldwide.  Thousands of traditional Sikh and interfaith multicultural couples have celebrated their Sikh Weddings in Mexico,  in the Cancun, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta regions.  These regions are homes to some of the most sought after Destination Wedding Mexico resorts in the world. A Sikh Wedding, or Anand Karaj, can often be the pinnacle moment in the life of families. A traditional Sikh destination wedding Mexico ceremony is an excellent way to share the common bond of LOVE!

All couples have a fundamental right to receive the wisdom and knowledge of the sacred teachings of the Gurus expressed in the Sikh Scriptures, at a respectfully presented, sacredly prepared ceremony space.  An outdoor gazebo in Riviera Cancun Mexico with the backdrop of the serene Caribbean sea, cradled in nature, is a perfect setting your Sikh Wedding Mexico ceremony!   Find out more about us and the Indian Wedding Mexico ceremonies we conduct for loving couples.

Sikh Wedding Priest Mexico

For several years we have been traveling from Canada and other international locales to conduct Sikh Destination Wedding Mexico ceremonies at the most exquisite resorts and stunning settings.  There are many perfect locations for South Asian Weddings in Mexico, particularly the Riviera Maya Cancun region, which has the most breath-taking surroundings in nature. At these pristine locations we create a profoundly heart-stirring mood through uplifting Kirtan and thought provoking discourses at destination weddings. This MAY be YOUR first Sikh Destination Wedding Mexico ceremony, but and after having conducted 100’s of ceremonies in this tropical region, with our expertise, we can assure you that we will create that special everlasting memory for you and all your family members.


What We Offer

Pre-Wedding Support

See how we provide extensive personalized, pre-wedding guidance and support for your Indian Destination Wedding Mexico ceremony from the initial stages of the booking process, until the finality of the Anand Karaj.

Rehearsal & Setup

We have created a thorough rehearsal format running through the entire ceremony a day before your Destination Wedding Mexico. Learn more about how we oversee the wedding ceremony space set up to ensure a flawless respectful transformation.

Personalized Ceremony

See how our bilingual Indian Destination Wedding in Mexico ceremony is uniquely personalized for the couple and sangat, presenting a sensitive, meaningful, and spiritual ceremony containing all elements of the Anand Karaj tradition.

How it Works

Request a Quote - Sign the Agreement - Planning your Ceremony

We have made the entire booking and planning process of your Sikh Wedding in Mexico simple and practical working along with Indian Wedding Planner Mexico professionals to make it happen smoothly. As expert Sikh officiants for South Asian Destination Weddings in Mexico, we are aware of the finer details required to make your ceremony impeccable and memorable.

1. Request a Quote

Please completely fill out this online Sikh Wedding Officiant Mexico contact form to receive a FREE quote. Our booking manager will respond punctually with availability, rates, and a quote based on your ceremony location.  We include our travel fees and travel time in the quote.

2. Sign the Agreement

Upon receiving our quote, if you wish to book our services, you will need to respond with your package choice.  Information will be sent to you regarding placing a deposit, and mutual agreement terms for you to sign which will confirm your booking.

3. Planning your Ceremony

Upon booking our services,  you will receive document files that will assist you, your planner, decor company, and hosting venue to set up your Sikh Destination Ceremony in Mexico space with the ultimate respect and dignity.  You will also have tele-video call(s) with us months before your special ceremony day so we can become acquainted with each other and to go over the finer details of your ceremony.

Indian Wedding Planner Mexico

We are so glad that Dr. Freedom and Leela were part of our Wedding Day! They allowed for our vision of having a unifying and harmonious Sikh and Christian destination wedding with close family and friends to become a reality. .. professionals and have well established and proven systems to help your day go as smoothly as possible...

Amy & Maninder

I have attended so many weddings where you switch off and think about food or the party later. Our ceremony was so inclusive you wanted to listen, you wanted to learn and you did learn. Each of our guests came up to us and said something touching about Freedom and Leela...

Sean & Simran

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for performing such a beautiful ceremony. We were beyond amazed at how special and personal you made our wedding ceremony. Our guests were beyond mesmerized by the ceremony and said how beautiful and different it was. We are used to regular gurdwara ceremonies here in Toronto but you two made it so amazing that everyone enjoyed it...

Ravan & Amit

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