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Parents want their loving children to have the best Sikh wedding ever, and most parents are dealing with changing  times, and they are trying to accept the fact that the new generation is celebrating their Sikh Destination Wedding in Mexico and at other destinations, different from when they were married decades ago.  Some lucky couples have parents who instill  a lot of trust in their children and it is their sincerest wish that their children make the best decision. We all know that Indian Wedding in Mexico ceremonies can be very hectic with many relatives coming together from a vast variety of traditional, cultural and belief systems, all wanting their personal wishes fulfilled.  Parents are always concerned that ‘nothing should go wrong’ and that everyone will leave ‘happy’.

Sikhs use the writings in the Guru Granth Sahib for their spiritual growth and blessings.  As a Sikh Wedding Priest Mexico officiants, we lead a loving all-encompassing traditional Indian Destination Wedding Mexico ceremony where all attendees including parents, relatives, and friends will feel in a state of ‘Anand’.  Find out  more about us and how we work alongside the Indian Wedding Planner Mexico team at Destination Wedding Mexico ceremonies.

The Gurus message is to LIVE LIFE WITHOUT FEAR, in the state of Nirbhao in the trust of a highest power, so that you have no fear or worries during their wedding planning process.  We want you trust in the highest, you CAN have the best Sikh Wedding in Mexico.

South Asian Destination Weddings
How many people perform the ceremony?

Two people perform the entire Sikh Wedding Mexico Ceremony.

Are you allowed to have a Sikh Wedding outside the Gurudwara?

See answers to Sikh Wedding Controversy regarding the Sikh Rulebook and its opinions regarding Sikh Destination Wedding Mexico ceremonies and Interfaith Weddings.

Does the Priest bring the Scriptures?

Yes, your Sikh Wedding Priest Mexico brings the 1,430 page Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji with reverence and respect.  We give the scriptures the utmost care as this is our life compass, it is an integral part of our lives, not just for weekend worship at temples.  We also have access to a set of scriptures in many of the destinations.

Do I have choices regarding reasonable modifications to the ceremony?

Of course you have choices.  South Asian Destination Weddings gives the opportunity to think ‘outside the box’, respecting tradition and adding beauty to the ceremony.  You can have chair seating for some guests, and you can add personal family traditions before and after the wedding.

Why use the services of a Sikh Wedding Priest in Mexico?

We know the proper setup requirements and details required in setting up a respectful and timely Gurudwara-like situation at a resort.  Relatives at a destination are often stuck with communication issues with foreign languages spoken, items don’t arrive on time or crucial items are missing, and there can also be a long delay before the ceremony even begins. Often the resorts have no understanding of the norms and traditions of the Punjabi Sikh culture and this can cause great tension and disrespectful situations. This is our expertise, see the services we provide for your Indian Destination Wedding in Mexico.

Is the priest well versed with the Sikh tradition? How much Destination Wedding experience does he have?

I, Dr. Singh was born into the Sikh Faith and tradition and have over 45 years of experience singing Kirtan, reading Gurbani and leading the Sangat at various Sikh ceremonies around the globe.  I was baptised at the age of 16 at Anandpur Sahib, India and have sung Kirtan in all the 5 major Takhats (Sikh Shrines), while my partner Leela has been educated and trained as a professional soprano, and in devotional Indian Music, and has been passionately singing heartfelt Kirtan with me for over 20 years.  Learn more about us as your Indian Wedding Mexico officiants and our Destination Wedding Mexico expertise around the globe.

Can you have a Sikh Wedding in the afternoon?

Yes, you can have a wedding at any time of the day or night but it is ideal to have your Sikh Wedding commence at a destination any time between 8 am – 10:15 am to avoid extreme weather and heat.  There is no mention in the actual Guru Granth Sahib ji as to what time you can or cannot have a wedding.  All times are sacred in the eyes of God.

Will the resort know how to set up a Gurdwara-like setting?

Wedding Resorts typically are not familiar with setting up Sikh Weddings, only a handful have first-hand experience in planning and setting up the ceremony space. They may be familiar with Indian, South Asian or Hindu weddings, but Sikh Weddings are very different.  Please make sure you are aware that you might run into trouble if you don’t plan ahead of time. 

Waving of the Chaur during the Ceremony.

Since there are only 2 people conducting the entire ceremony.  When I, Dr. Singh, am not doing any readings in front of the Guru Granth Sahib ji or singing Kirtan, a member of the family or a friend attending the wedding waves the chaur.  This person will be chosen and honored to respectfully wave the chaur before the ceremony.  This guest will sit behind the Guru Granth Sahib ji and wave the Chaur when Dr. Singh is not sitting there.  This person can be male or female and will not be doing any readings, just waving the chaur.

Do I have a choice as to what time I can have my ceremony?

Yes, the notion that weddings must be completed by noon is not a religious or spiritual mandate but rather a superstitious hand me down story, very contradictory to the Sikh Philosophy. You may have a ceremony at any time of the day.

Is the Sikh Priest reliable, professional, and how much experience do they have?

We travel regularly to locations around the globe. This is our sole profession and calling. Rest assured, you will have a respectful tradition-based ceremony.

Some of our relatives and guests can’t sit on the floor, can we modify seating arrangements?

Yes, the altar/mandap and Guru Granth Sahib ji stage is always set higher than the congregational seating to accommodate chair seating when needed.

What is the typical Parshaad used at a Sikh Destination Wedding?

We do not make or provide wet Parshaad at destination weddings as it is next to impossible to have access to a clean vegetarian kitchen at a resort.  As an alternative, a healthy version of dry Parshad is recommended and acceptable in the Sikh tradition especially in all historic Gurdwaras in India.  This can include almonds, raisins or walnuts.

What should I be considering when having out Outdoor Sikh Wedding?

Nature and the elements are your primary concern when having an outdoor Sikh Wedding.  Although the pictures can look absolutely stunning and gorgeous, most of the time the wedding couple and attendees are suffering in the heat and can’t wait to get out of the ceremony space.  We highly recommend that you provide a tent or overhead coverage for everyone that will be attending the ceremony, this includes the priest, the couple, and ALL guests.  Moreover, make sure that the floor they are going to sit on is comfortable and dry.

Do you provide a written quote for your services?

A comprehensive time-sensitive quote is provided when a wedding couple fully fills out our request form for a Sikh Wedding Priest.

Are you having 2 different ceremonies on the same day?

If you are having 2 different cultural ceremonies on the same day at the same location, the Sikh ceremony will always be the first ceremony, moreover, if you use a large mandap and stage, both the ceremonies can take place sequentially on the same stage, one after the other.

Can the groom carry a ceremonial sword/kirpan during the Anand Karaj?

Some grooms choose to carry a sword for the entire ceremony while others use it sporadically during the ceremony, and others do not use it at all.  This is entirely up to you.

Do I need to bring a Rumala set for the Guru Grant Sahib ji?

We have a matching Rumala and Chandoa set with soft gold tones which match and is ideal for all weddings.  You can bring a Rumala set for the ceremony, otherwise, a donation for a local charity is more practical.

Booking Details - Officiants' Room Booking

A quote consists of 2 – 3 option choices with a variety of available services.  The quote does not include our 2 – 3 night’s stay (depending on the wedding location) at the hotel where the ceremony will take place.  The couple books and pays for this room, it is not part of the price quote.

When we turned 60 years of age, we made it our policy to only stay onsite at the hotel where the wedding was to take place since we found that when we stayed at alternate offsite hotels we were unable to create a peaceful and respectful setup, moreover, it started taking a toll on our physical health as we typically fly in from an international location. Exceptions are made if the wedding location does not have a hotel on site.

What type of Pulla can we use?

Both types of pullas, floral and fabric are acceptable.

Can the groom wear a Kalgi and/or Sehra?

You can enter the wedding ceremony space wearing both of these symbols, however, upon sitting in front of the Guru Granth Sahib ji, one or a few of your sisters will be removing this and placing it in front of the altar, Guru Granth Stage.

Does the priest conduct the ceremony in Punjabi and/or English?

The ceremony is designed specifically to keep the couple, peers, elders and youngsters fully engaged for the entire time. I, Dr. Freedom Singh, excel in both English, Punjabi, Gurmukhi, Hindi, and Spanish. I read the group and conduct the ceremony accordingly and appropriately to create a special, meaningful, loving moment.

Will I receive documentation for the setting up of the Sikh Wedding space?

Of course.  Mandeep will provide you with complete detailed PDF Set up Specs, Sound Requirements and Checklist documents upon signing the terms. These will become the blueprint for planning your ceremony.

Do you provide a formal agreement of your services?

An agreement is signed by both of us, Dr. Singh and Leela, and the wedding couple summarizing all services provided.

Will I have to pay for the flights, baggage, travel, hotel/resort, insurance on top of the service fees?

The breakdown costs of these will be sent to you with the quote which varies based on the ceremony location.

Do you conduct Interfaith, Multiracial, Fusion, and Multicultural Sikh Weddings?

Of course, this is our specialty. All cultures and all human traditions are welcome.

Do you require a deposit to confirm your Sikh Wedding Services?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking, however, the deposit will be fully returned if for some unforeseen reason we cannot physically attend and perform the wedding. This has never happened and we hope will remain this way.

Can I expect the wedding to start and end on time?

Yes, typically the ceremony will last 1 hour from the time the bride is seated in front of the altar until the serving of Parshaad.

Once I have made a booking will I get a Chance to talk to Dr. Singh and Leela?

Mandeep will be in communication with you during the entire process via email and will set up Telephone/Facetime/Skype meeting(s) with you both, and Dr. Singh and Leela once you have confirmed your booking.  This allows you to acquaint yourselves with each other,  and go over the ceremony protocol and the finer details for your ceremony.

What is the Sikh Priest's schedule a day prior to and on the wedding day?

We are intricately involved with the ceremony process. We arrive a day before the wedding, check into the hotel, and have a rehearsal meeting with the couple and their parents to finalize the wedding day protocol and to rehearse the Sikh Wedding ceremony.

Typically, on the wedding day, we are at the ceremony space from 5:00 a.m. onwards to respectfully transform the space into a Gurudwara-type ambiance. We set up the altar/mandap stage, the sound system, do a soundcheck, and return back to our hotel room for a wardrobe change.  Following this, we bring down and set up the scriptures around 9 am, lead the Milnee Ceremony, conduct the Anand Karaj and then return the scriptures respectfully back to the hotel room.

Do you provide a marriage certificate?

No, couples are strongly advised to contact their local Justice of Peace to get a marriage document before or after their Anand Karaj Ceremony.

Can I see the entire Ceremony Sequence?
I am thinking of having an 'On the Beach Sikh Wedding'.

‘On the Beach’ Sikh Weddings are very difficult and daunting causing a lot of damage to the religious materials and instruments.  Guests find them extremely uncomfortable in the unbearable elements.  Kindly review this link to see:  Why we don’t conduct Beach Sikh Weddings.

Have you conducted traditional Punjabi Sikh Weddings outside the Gurdwara?

We have been conducting Sikh Destination Weddings for the past 20 years in many natural surroundings around the world.

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